Highly Qualified Translators

Lexlogos - High Quality Translations

What does Lexlogos mean with the concept of “qualified translators”? Which are the main features of a qualified translator?

We consider that translators must have the following capacities and skills:

  • Hold a Bachelor degree in translation and/or in languages or any other related field of specialization. Additional degrees, memberships, diplomas, etc. are an asset.
  • Always translate to their mother tongue, and have a bilingual comprehension of both languages.
  • Be able to understand a text as an educated native-speaker, without the aid of a dictionary.
  • Make good use of dictionaries, glossaries and other resources in order to find the appropriate term to express concepts or ideas in the target language, but to consider these tools only as an element to provide assistance in their job.
  • Successfully communicate an idea as if it had been written in the target language. Use the language accurately, possess a large vocabulary and in-depth knowledge of the grammar and rules of the target language, as well as an excellent knowledge of the subject matter.
“In action a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head.” Arthur Schopenhauer

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