About us

Lexlogos Translations - Seriousness, precision and quality

An international company led and attended by its owner

Lexlogos was founded on August 8, 2005 by Marité Flores Tiravanti, an English, French, Italian and Spanish translator and Interpreter who holds a Bachelor degree from the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes (ISTI), Brussels, Belgium and a Master degree from the Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Although the name Lexlogos is relatively new in the market, the owner's background dates from 1986 as the company was first founded with the name of Globe Translations and for 14 years provided translation services to a great number of companies around the world.

Due to her father's career, Ms. Flores Tiravanti lived in different countries and studied in well-known and high-standard education institutions such as the École Européenne (European Community School), Brussels, Belgium; Lycée Français Jean Mermoz, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lycée Franco-Hellénique, Athens, Greece; Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes (ISTI), Brussels, Belgium; Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the time when the company was renamed Lexlogos, Marité was living in Toronto, Canada where she was able to learn a lot about a new way of approaching general and technical documents by translating in teams, implementing computer assisted tools (CatTools), quality control methods (QA) and a customer-oriented service based on each specific need.

The company’s headquarters are currently based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Latin American capital of international culture, a mixture of European legacy and North American technological advances, where the different origins of past and recent immigration waves intermingle to give birth to a new culture, a richer lexicon and a more pure and straight-forward way of expression.

Lexlogos also holds two branches located in Miami, United States and in Montreal, Canada and provides language translation services to different companies located in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, international organizations and many translation agencies worldwide.

Our translation and proofreader teams are all native speakers and our in-house project managers are responsible for assigning projects based on each translator specializations. Likewise, our QA team reviews and corrects all the documents before their final delivery.

Lexlogos offers the same personalized service to each client, notwithstanding its size or predominance in the world market.