Lexlogos Translations Services

Reliability, precision and quality in a well-made translation

Translation is an art which consists in expressing an opinion, an idea or a thought by rephrasing it in a target language, adding all the expressions, rhythm and nuances proper to the new language and enriching it with the style and creativity of the translator.

A perfect translation should go unnoticed to the reader who must think that he is facing a newly written text. It should be clear and accurate but also reflect the exact sensitiveness of the author.

Being a native speaker does not necessarily guarantee a good translation. Translators must be educated individuals, with a solid and consistent academic training, intended to improve their knowledge of foreign languages as much as of their own native language. Citizens of the world, avid readers, occasionally writers, and always open to any kind of information, good translators must be real artists of the written language, communicators of the idiosyncrasies of different regions and cultures around the globe and transmitters of their own living experiences.

Therefore, a good translation does not only comply with the original text but also stands on its own as a new, fresh and creative production.

With this premise in mind, Lexlogos and its team of professional translators, proofreaders and specialists offer a high quality translation and proofreading service to national and international companies, state-owned and private firms, NGOs, international organizations and translation agencies worldwide.

Our main objective and highest mission is to break down language barriers in order to help our clients make long lasting and steady improvements in their performance and occupy leadership positions in a globalized and competitive world.

We have successfully completed thousands of projects, diverse in subject matter and coming from different fields: Information Technology and Networking, Telecommunications, Legal and Administrative, Engineering industry, Energy, Advertising and Marketing, Economics and Finance, Medicine, Social Services, Education, Environment, Politics and Government, etc.

Lexlogos specializes in translation from almost any language into Spanish as, it being our mother tongue, we can guarantee the level of excellence and quality that our clients request and deserve. However, we can also offer a wide range of other language combinations, as we also work with in-house and freelance native speaker translators and proofreaders from different parts of the world and with a proven expertise in their field of specialization.

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